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Our Services

If there’s a message that you need to convey, either written or spoken, we offer:

  1. Copy Writing
  2. Manuscript Editing
  3. Marketing
  4. Voice Over Talent
  5. Video Production

Copy Writing

Don’t let words get in the way of your success.  AND Communications writes copy for the Internet, print, radio, and television.  We specialize in:

  • Website copy
  • Bios
  • Press releases
  • Public Service Announcements

Manuscript Editing for Non-Fiction and Fiction Authors and Poets

After you’ve finished writing your manuscript (phew and congratulations), your next step should be to let another set of eyes take a good look at your work.  A professional proofreader/editor will give your manuscript a comprehensive reading (or two) and assist you in strengthening what you’ve written without altering the author’s voice.  Clean, precise writing will make your readers enjoy your work that much more.  We proofread/edit for:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Continuity
  • Context

To learn more about AND Communications’ manuscript editing, send an email requesting AND Communications Editing System Info.


Image really is everything, and quality marketing materials (from text to graphics) is an excellent way to put your best image out there.  We can assist with:

  • Website development or revamp
  • Brochure creation
  • Author products: business cards, book trailers, book mark flyers, postcards
  • Electronic press kit (EPK)
  • Newsletter/E-newsletter
  • Social Media Messaging and Management

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Voice Over Talent — Andrea Daniel

Voice Profile: Female ~ Range: 20-50 ~ Non-union
Voice Description: Warm ~ Rich ~ Conversational ~ Friendly ~ Believable
Authoritative ~ Professional ~ Sensual
Voice Specialties: Commercial, Corporate Narration, Telephony
Clients: City of Detroit ~ University of Maryland ~ Arlington Public Schools, Arlington, VA ~ Glory Foods ~ NAACP ~ Rob Allen's Dreamcatchers Charity Fundraiser ~ DEXDesign Associates
Voice Over Training: The Shop Studio, Royal Oak, MI ~ Susan Berkley's Great Voice Company, Voice Over Boot Camp New York, NY
Studio Capabilities: Access to a professional recording studio.

Andrea has been in the voice over business for more than 20 years. For 12 of those years, Andrea was the voice and the face of a municipal cable access channel. She was the agency's production supervisor, producer, writer, and reporter/talent. For Andrea, the voice-over experience is not just about the sound of the voice, but about the feeling it evokes. There's a story inside every script—long or short—and the trick is crafting the voice around that story so it resonates with the listener. As a copywriter, singer/songwriter, and poet, Andrea understands the power words hold. Those talents round out her ability to enhance a script and sell a variety of business products, services and messages.

Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth... a million. In partnership with top-notch video production professionals, we deliver quality video products that tell your story in a way that get you seen and heard.

CommentRecent Comments

    Since 1999, Andrea Daniel has been the voice of DEX (voice mail and copy). When our clients or the general public call they are always impressed with our identity (voice and written).

    In facilitating the organizational capacity of our clients we ONLY use AND Communications for developing a strong voice. Thanks for being with us and for keeping our voice on point.

    "Thank you for all the love and support. I appreciate all of your expertise. You are the greatest. I will refer you to everyone I know writing a book."

  • GRACE STANCZAK, Executive Director, Mercy Street
    Andrea Daniel's command of the editor's grammar skills and the writer's talents with style nicely combine to communicate our non-profit's message to the public. Daniel is flexible, reasonable, and a very good listener. Traits in a writer, editor, and copywriter that are equally as important as grammar and style. Thus she helps us get our message to the people.

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