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Non-profit youth STEMM organization
Services: Image rebranding including logo redesign, website redesign, sonic identity, video production and media relations.


prodDEX Design Associates

Community development consulting firm
Services: Website copy, supervised website redesign; voice over for telephone greeting.


prodFlo Boutique

Women’s clothing and accessories boutique
Services: Website copy


prodInohs Sivad

Singer/songwriter, producer
Services: Website copy


prodMercy Street Detroit

Nonprofit youth arts organization
Services: Website copy; supervised website redesign.


prodRay Johnson and Associates

Educational consulting firm
Services: Supervised website development.


prodSoundThought Graphics

Graphic design company
Services: Website copy.


prodSoundThought Recordings

Independent Record Label
Services: Website copy.


CommentRecent Comments

    Since 1999, Andrea Daniel has been the voice of DEX (voice mail and copy). When our clients or the general public call they are always impressed with our identity (voice and written).

    In facilitating the organizational capacity of our clients we ONLY use AND Communications for developing a strong voice. Thanks for being with us and for keeping our voice on point.

    "Thank you for all the love and support. I appreciate all of your expertise. You are the greatest. I will refer you to everyone I know writing a book."

  • GRACE STANCZAK, Executive Director, Mercy Street
    Andrea Daniel's command of the editor's grammar skills and the writer's talents with style nicely combine to communicate our non-profit's message to the public. Daniel is flexible, reasonable, and a very good listener. Traits in a writer, editor, and copywriter that are equally as important as grammar and style. Thus she helps us get our message to the people.

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