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AND Communications is a multi-faceted company that creatively connects your message with your audience through words - written and spoken. We work with:

  • Authors
  • Businesses (we specialize in start-up and small businesses, except for voice over services)
  • The cultural and entertainment community
  • Nonprofit organizations

AND Communications will provide you or your organization with a professional, sleek, and well-defined image.

Andrea Daniel

Andrea DanielThe back-story…
In September 2009, Andrea Daniel, like millions of people across the nation, lost her job. For 12 years, she worked as production supervisor, producer, writer, and reporter/talent for a municipal cable access channel where her primary task was to enhance the image of the city. And she loved her job; but not long after receiving the layoff notice, Andrea determined this was perhaps one of the best things that could have happened. There was something better waiting.

A month later, Andrea was immersed in redeveloping a small business (Thoughts, Words, Images, Ink) she'd started nine years earlier but had put on the back burner. The newly acquired focus on her business resulted in a new mission and company name, AND Communications, LLC.

The founder…
Andrea is a communications professional with more than 20 years’ experience in media, media production and community relations, as well as the world of performance and literary arts and entertainment. She has freelanced for an internationally distributed arts and entertainment magazine and for a daily metropolitan newspaper. In her 12-year career with a municipal cable access channel, she used her communications talents and skills, she produced original programming, public services announcements and promotional spots, and hosted news and talk show programs that enhanced the city’s image from inside city government to the grass roots level. An immense lifetime love of books and reading created her thirst for manuscript editing fueled by a strong desire to assist authors in producing error-free products.


It is from her vast experience as well as an understanding that with a thoughtful approach, disciplined practice, and great relationships come high-quality results. This mindset is apparent in Andrea’s role as AND Communications’ copywriter, manuscript editor, video producer and voice over talent.

Andrea deeply believes her clients deserve to have their dreams come true and the way to make that happen is by providing services that present the best of each client.


  • Co-owner/editor of Dakota Avenue West Publishing, publisher of fine poetry
  • Vice president of the board of directors of Detroit Kids Weekly, a nonprofit organization providing educational programming through the television show, Popcorn Park (Coming soon to Troy Public Access Television)
  • Member of the Motown Writers Network
  • Member of the Michigan Literary Network
  • Volunteer producer for the Michigan Literary Network’s Internet radio show on blogtalkradio.com since 2009
  • Registered songwriter with BMI

CommentRecent Comments

    Since 1999, Andrea Daniel has been the voice of DEX (voice mail and copy). When our clients or the general public call they are always impressed with our identity (voice and written).

    In facilitating the organizational capacity of our clients we ONLY use AND Communications for developing a strong voice. Thanks for being with us and for keeping our voice on point.

    "Thank you for all the love and support. I appreciate all of your expertise. You are the greatest. I will refer you to everyone I know writing a book."

  • GRACE STANCZAK, Executive Director, Mercy Street
    Andrea Daniel's command of the editor's grammar skills and the writer's talents with style nicely combine to communicate our non-profit's message to the public. Daniel is flexible, reasonable, and a very good listener. Traits in a writer, editor, and copywriter that are equally as important as grammar and style. Thus she helps us get our message to the people.

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